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January 25, 2016

..."Rubenstone's Jack, the ideal glass-is-half-empty kvetcher. Rubenstone handles Jack's snappy barbs and cynicism quite effortlessly.

Michael Rubenstone Honored with Scenie for Outstanding Performance by a Featured Actor

September 15, 2015

Michael Rubenstone is honored with a Scenie from Stage Scene LA for his performance as Mickey Deans in "End of the Rainbow" at the International City Theatre in 2015. 

Rubenstone gives "nuanced" performane in end of the Rainbow at ICT

"...Her fiancé and “protector”—as she refers to him—Mickey Deans exerts some degree of control over Judy, balancing her addiction-driven emotional manipulation with his own brand of disparaging, “who-gives-a-damn” manipulation. He insists he loves her, and I personally am convinced thanks to Michael Rubenstone’s nuanced performance. "

Review: International City Theatre’s ‘End of the Rainbow’ is a beautiful tribute to Judy Garland

February 23, 2015

"Rubenstone is in love with Judy, and that complicates his life because he has vowed to keep her sober but is also trying to keep her love alive. That he manages, against Garland’s odds, is amazing, and he does it with charm and with cruelty, too.

Michael Rubenstone does "revelatory work" in End of the Rainbow

"Michael Rubenstone does revelatory work as 34-year-old Mickey, and not just as an actor giving a dynamic, multi-layered performance. Those who may have deemed Judy’s fifth-and-youngest hubby as a “boy toy” out to get whatever he could from a superstar meal ticket will discover a far different Mickey in Rubenstone’s and Quilter’s hands."

Have you met Mickey Deans?

March 06, 2015

Michael Rubenstone stars in International City Theatre’s current hit show End of the Rainbow, an Olivier Award-nominated play about the life and music of Judy Garland. Rubenstone shines as Garland’s fifth and last husband Mickey Deans. He was nice enough to give us some of his time to answer some questions about his role and the show. To see Michael in End of the Rainbow, please visit for tickets.

Catch Michael in 'South of Delancey' at Fremont Centre Theatre

"The entire ensemble of South of Delancey gives strong, energized, and absorbing performances. The cast includes several standouts: Michael Rubenstone plays traumatized World War II veteran and abusive, philandering husband Marty with perceptive unpredictability. Rubenstone injects spurts of misdirected anger, angst, and violent confusion in to his role, bringing an undercurrent of tension to the stage. Rubenstone and Abigail Marks (playing Marty's wife, Faye) have uncommonly good stage chemistry together during their most intense and frightening scene...."

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